Are Energy Bills Going to Become the New Mortgage?

We hate to get sensational, but there’s a new report out suggesting that in five years, energy bills could actually become more expensive than your average monthly mortgage payment. Now say that three times fast, and you’ll still be confused… and agitated.

We’re not trying to make this into a joke, not at all. The truth is that a lot of people are looking at the way energy bills are going, and they’re dying for some sort of relief. It can be hard to really see the type of relief that you’re looking for, but the reality is that it’s right under your nose.

Energy Bills

Mr. Ian McCaig of First Utility has been waving the warning flag, and he wants people to start changing the way that you’re using their energy currently. He suggests wearing more layers and lowering the temperature in the home so that the house isn’t running as hot. This can be something that cuts down on consumption and therefore on the bill, but is he aiming the finger of blame in the right direction?

Some feel that McCaig’s comments only added fuel to the fire. Energy policies need to be reformed, and there’s just no way around that at all. You have to be able to get things underway on your terms, not anyone else’s. That’s going to be the key to getting everything to fall naturally into place.

You are better off thinking about everything involved in the world of energy as it relates to your home’s consumption and no one else’s consumption.

There have been increased calls for alternative energy, but only time will tell if these calls go answered or not.

We will keep you posted if there are actual changes in the energy policy. Although First Utility is issuing statements about energy savings, they are actually raising the energy tariffs by 18%!

Clearly, you have to take everything you read on the news wire with a grain of salt, but these are going to be some very interesting times indeed.