What Single Men Need to Know About Personal Finance

The rules for dating pool-ready men are changing, especially when it comes to the financial side of life. Gone are the days where you should feel expected to provide for a woman that you’re not even dating. Paying for dinner and drinks? That’s not necessarily the case anymore. The troubled economy is making a lot of men take stock in their financial lives, trying to figure out if there’s ever going to be a happy ending. While you might want to rise higher in your career, you also need to think about the type of future that you want. For most men, the dream is a house and a family — including a beautiful wife that will become the mother of their children. In order to get this life, you have to look at your financial life a bit differently than in the past.

The need for a financial blueprint is strong. You can’t say that you have your finances in check when you don’t know the numbers. It’s tempting to believe that you really have everything covered, but is that really the case? You could find that you’re just not handling things as well as you used to. This means that you’re going to need to really make sure that you can definitely take care of everything that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, you’ll get caught behind.

Personal FinanceWhen it comes to dating, you need to make sure that you let a woman know where you stand. If you’re trying to pick up the pieces after a divorce that has left you without a lot of money, you need to be honest. If a woman can’t handle that type of answer, she’s probably not going to be the right person for you. You have to make sure that you’re getting with someone that understands your needs, and is willing to compromise. Someone that lives only for flowers and candy isn’t going to be a good long term partner anyway. After all, what are they going to do when things get rough? What are they going to do when there are challenges ahead? What are they going to do when they need to support you more than ever before? You can’t just assume that everything will be fine. There will always be challenges along the way. It’s how we address those challenges that really makes a difference.

Even though it might be painful, you need to start by looking at your budget right now. Are you spending within your means, or do you constantly play catch up? Do you stress about your bills? Have you been putting off asking for that raise or promotion because you’re scared that you’ll be rejected? These are all things that can make or break your financial blueprint. You have to make sure that you’re looking through just about every scenario when it comes to your good name — at least in the financial world.

Credit has a role, but you don’t want to overdo it. If you do find someone serious to marry, you have to think about how much money you’ll actually spend on the wedding. It’s something that really can make a difference in your finances as well. Hopefully by the time you’re thinking about getting married to someone, you’ll be in a better financial state. You also want to have a serious talk about finances with your partner. That’s the only way that you’re honestly going to be able to get things taken care of the right way. Talking about money is never easy for people — men included — but it’s something that has to be done.

It’s all about fulfilling your own dreams and making your own choices. The more that you can do that, the more likely it is that you’ll have everything else covered. After all, you only get one life to live — you might as well make it a good one.

What Single Ladies Really Need to Know About Their Finances

Women, rise up — this is your year! Unfortunately, a lot of women have honestly given up any thought of having a better financial life. While we want to wait for Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet, the reality is that we might have to wait for a while. Even though it’s shown that couples tend to pull better financially than singles, the truth of the matter is that there’s still room to grow.

There are still opportunities for women to do better than ever before. Why settle for less when you can definitely have more than you ever imagined before? It’s better to make sure that you get things lined up than feel like you just can’t get ahead? That would be bad on a wide number of levels. You’re going to need to think about the time that you have left to really get things done, and then go from there.

Age definitely plays into a single woman’s financial blueprint. If you’re starting young…congrats, you’re in a great financial position to make change. You need to be increasing the amount of savings that you make right now. The time value of money concept means that the longer you have to invest, the more your money will actually grow. Getting your money invested can be challenging, especially when there are so many people trying to tell you what to do.

The basics are simple: you need to think short term, emergency, and long term. Emergency accounts help you take care of life’s little unexpected problems, short term money lets you indulge yourself once in a while, and long term money is what you hope to have both for buying a home and also retiring someday. You can get multiple accounts that reflect these plans.

Emergency accountsWomen have to make sure that they can contribute more to retirement than men, since they still statistically live a lot longer. You might hope to get married to a man that can support you, but what happens when you are left a widow? Could you really take care of yourself? Rising costs of everything mean that your savings have to outpace inflation, something that can steal away quite a bit of your money.

You also have to consider the type of lifestyle that you have now. Are you really living beyond your means? Are you living on credit? If you’re living on credit, now is definitely the time to stop. It just ends up costing you a lot more money than if you had saved the money and invested it into something that really pays off. The more work that you can put into the financial side of your life, the more likely that you’re going to come up a winner. You’re going to need to make sure that you are focusing carefully on the road ahead of you at all costs.

The time is right to make sure that you have everything carefully addressed. If you need help, there are plenty of groups that focus on personal finance for women. If you’re online all the time anyway, shouldn’t you take the time to learn more about your finances, and not less? That’s the idea today. You have to take advantage of any and all resources available to you. Cutting things out of your budget and changing your habits might be hard, but it’s definitely worth doing. Good luck!

Recovering Financially After a Major Emergency

If you’re trying to recover financially after a major emergency, you might feel isolated, lost, scared, and very alone. Here’s a little something to cheer you up: you’re not as alone as you think you are. Even though it’s not discussed, the recession is something that has really affected a lot of young people. They don’t have as much experience as other people, which means that they are always getting left behind. They want to get more involved in local politics and other issues, but they find that they can’t seem to focus on anything except the monumental amount of debt in front of them.

First and foremost, you need to step back and see what type of debt you’re working with. If you are dealing mostly with medical bills, you might be able to have part of or all of the costs waived because of your low income status. If someone tells you that it can’t be done, find someone at the hospital that says that you can. It’s quite possible to push forward instead of thinking that there are no solutions. You will get a lot of people that will say no when the reality is that it is quite possible to get things done. You just need to figure out what you’re trying to do and go from there rather than just assuming that there’s just no way that anything can connect together.

Recovering FinanciallyIt’s something that you have to think carefully about, but the reality here is that you have all of the power in the world to change your life. It starts with changing your mindset as much as possible. Even though this can be hard to do, it’s always worth doing when you really think about it. You just need to have a little faith in yourself.

Start small — the debts aren’t going to go away quickly. You will need to remember to still set something aside for the future while you’re paying bills. You still have other things that need to be done, and that means that you need to have some type of focus. You have to realize that now is the best time to take action. You have to realize that the more action that you take, the more outrageous your results will be. While most would expect you to lie in bed and feel sorry for yourself, you need to go above that by revising your plan.

Can you work with a nonprofit credit counseling education? That would actually help you get things done because then you have a third party on your side. They can negotiate with creditors on your behalf as well. Let’s face it — how many among us have excellent negotiation skills at the age of 21? That’s a hard thing to consider.

You might be feeling a little fragile after a major life change, and that’s understandable. Don’t try to rush yourself by saying that your feelings are invalid. You have to think about everything that you want to achieve and just go out and do it. Why wouldn’t you want to start right away? Once you see yourself improving over time, you’ll truly be glad that you took action now rather than waiting for things to happen.

Is 2013 The Right Time to Buy a Home

No matter where you live, one thing that might be on your mind right now would have to be homeownership. There’s something powerful about owning a home. When you’re paying rent on a flat or a duplex, you’re going to find that you are just flushing payments down the drain. Even if you stay for years and years, you’re not doing anything towards the actual cost of buying a home. If you were to suddenly have to move, you’re going to deal with having to start all over in a new place with no equity to speak of.

Homeownership gives you equity that will be useful later down the road. You can turn your equity into cash through a wide variety of different schemes. In short, equity brings you power. In order to get that power you need to make sure that you are staking steps to decide whether or not now is the right time to get a home.

homeownershipIn 2013, the economy on a global scale is still not as good as one would want it to be to feel comfortable about getting a house. You just need to make sure that you’re thinking always about getting a good home that you’re going to enjoy for a very long time to come. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you’re going to get something better than what you have now. If anything, real estate should definitely be an investment that makes you think. It’s a lot of debt going towards the purchase of something that you’re going to enjoy for a very long time to come.

You will need to think about a few particular considerations before you’re actually ready to follow through with a home purchase

The Deposit

Whether you call it a deposit or a down payment, the reality is that you’re going to have to come to the table with quite a bit of cash in order to get into your home. Think about it from the perspective of the lender. If you were trying to go for a no money down type deal, you have nothing invested in the home itself. You will have all of the incentive to leave when times are tough because there’s been nothing actually invested into the home. This is not something that tends to make people feel like you’re likely to stick around.

Now consider the scenario where you actually have a sizable deposit on the home. That’s a sign that you really will try to stick it out as much as possible, even when things take a turn for the worse. You don’t want to lose all of the money that you have invested into the house. You are a lot better make sure that you are definitely trying to get things done on your side by saving up as much money as possible. If you are a first time home buyer, you’ll actually have some different options that you can look into. It’s all about checking into what is offered to first time home buyers. You might be able to qualify for programs that let you buy your first home with a lower deposit than someone who has already owned several homes in the past.

You will need to make sure that you go beyond the deposit — you need to make sure that you have enough money for all of the fees involved with a mortgage. Your mortgage officer can definitely offer you some different options rather than just expecting you to know what’s out there. Ask and make sure that you get a full fee schedule. There’s no reason to not know exactly how much money you’re going to need to spend. Getting a home inspection before you move in will be just one of the types of fees that you are going to have on your mind when it comes to the upcoming purchase of your home.

Another point that you really want to make sure that you take into consideration very seriously even — would have to be looking around at the full selection that you have in your local market. A lot of people have a tendency to just stop at the first home that looks good. This is not a good thing at all. You are a lot better off looking at a wide range of houses in your area because you just never know when you’re going to find the house that matches as many of your preferences as possible.

Notice that we’re saying that it’s about finding the one that matches as many preferences ion your list as possible. You have to realize that you aren’t going to find everything that you want in your first home. Even if you do find a house that has absolutely everything that you want in it, you will probably pay a lot more for the house than what you expect. It’s a matter of really making sure that you think this over. If you have a spouse, the worst thing that you can do is try to make these decisions on your own. Include them in the process, because they’re going to be responsible for the home as well. There’s no reason to believe that you are going to have to wait too terribly long to find the home of your dreams.

You can definitely get what you’re going for with enough patience. Is 2013 really the right time for you to get the home that you’ve always wanted? Perhaps. However, instead of just jumping into buying your home, you need to calculate in the other costs of being a homeowner.

For example, you will need to remember that all of the repairs to the home are going to be coming out of your own pocket. So if you aren’t prepared for that…you might be in for some surprises. You also need to think about your budget at all times. Not thinking about this type of stuff tends to get people pushed out of their homes very quickly, and that’s just not something that anyone wants to experience.

Keep these tips in mind, and you should have no problem at all keeping your home for the long run. Good luck!

How to Predict the Markets

The markets can be difficult to predict, but there are people who seem to do well out of them. It is worth considering what they do to be able to do well and whether you will be able to make money in the same way that they do.

The first thing that you need to do is to consider which market you are interested in and then find out a lot about it. You need to understand what the market is and how it works, before you can start to make predictions about it. It will take time, but there is plenty of information available online and so you should be able to get what you need. It can be interesting, finding out about different markets and working out which ones might the most fun to invest in.

As part of the research into the markets, it is important to look at how they change. It is worth trying to find out what has an influence on them. If this was straight forward, then everyone would be making a lot of money from them, but it is good to take a look at peoples theories and see what patterns you can see yourself.

Predict the MarketsIt is a good idea, once you have decided which market to focus on, to watch it for a while. Consider how you would behave in terms of buying and selling and see whether you would make money. Do this for a considerable period and you will be able to find out how successful your techniques are. It may seem boring, to have a go without actually using real money, but you will get to understand whether you seem to have the right technique or not.

It can be difficult to predict the markets and even if you think that you have it worked out, you may find that it behaves in an unpredictable way for no reason. This is why many people use fund managers or spread their investments to protect themselves. You will need to decide whether you think this is a better move for you. It does tend to mean that you get a smaller gain as the fund manager will take a cut, but it can give you a better chance of making a gain. You need to take a look at all the options for yourself and the risk and decide whether you think it is worth it or not. You may decide that you would rather take a big risk and have more money potentially but also risk losing more. You may decide that you would rather have a lower risk and more of a chance of making money, even if it is a smaller amount.

Is it Worth Taking Risks With Money?

There are some investments out there are the moment which look very lucrative. You may look at them and they claim you can make a lot of money from them and it can seem like an exciting prospect. You may even be tempted to gamble to see whether you can get some good pay outs that way. However, these sorts of things are a risk and you have to consider whether they are worth it.

Some people are more likely to be risky than others. This is a personality trait and is what makes each of us different. However, there are pros and cons to being risky with money and so you need to consider them and try to decide outside of your personality as to whether you want to do them.

Firstly, it is worth knowing that there are some investments out there which can give you massive returns. However, they can be so risky that you can lose more money than you actually put in. These are probably the riskiest and if you have money that you can afford to lose, then you may want to risk some of it in this sort of scheme and see what happens.

Taking Risks With Money

There are other investments which are also risky, but not so much so. Most investments do risk you losing the money that you put in and possibly all of it, but often they will not be like this. You may risk losing some, but the return can be better than savings. You have to decide whether you would rather have a chance of having a better return but risk losing the money.

Some people would like to do that and they may gamble a lot of the time, however other may prefer to take less risk. It is worth sometimes having some money in a riskier investment as you could get a good return. However, you do not want to risk losing money that you need and so do not gamble your mortgage repayment sum or next month’s food money but if you have some money that you can afford to lose, then it can be worth a try.

So taking risks with money is only a good thing if you can afford to lose that money. However, if you put your money in a risky investment, you will probably increase your chances of getting a good return. It is sometimes best to have a mix of risky and safe investments so that you can get the best of both.

Honor Your Sweetie For Valentine’s Day and Still Make Sure that Your Finances Are Covered!

Giving yourself the opportunity to treat your sweetie to a great day is always in season. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, or Christmas or any other day where you really want to show your loved ones just how special they are and how much they mean to you. You just need to make sure that you’re thinking about your budget.

We know. We know. It’s just not sexy to think that you have to think about the numbers when you’d rather be thinking about the romance. However, the two are most definitely connected to each other. You have to have your finances in order to be relaxed enough to enjoy the quality time with your sweetheart. If your finances are out of line, you’re not going to be happy. You’re not going to feel like you’re going to be able to really have a good time at all. You need to make sure that you will be able to do whatever you can to make the day come alive.

gifts on budgetWhat if you don’t have a lot of money? Do you really need to go with overpriced flowers and chocolates? Not necessarily. Try cooking a nice meal at home rather than going out. The truth is that you aren’t going to be getting a relaxed dinner on the town. This is the busiest day of the year for many restaurants, and they want to turn those tables over as fast as possible. So if you think that you’re going to be able to savor that steak, we have news for you — you really won’t. It’s going to mean that you have to think carefully about what you’re actually going to do for that day and then leave those things there. In other words, you have to let go of the notion that you HAVE to do anything.

When romance is forced, things don’t really work right. When romance is forced, your partner feels like they’re more or less an obligation rather than a person. You don’t want them to feel that way. You don’t want them to feel like they’re in the way of your happiness as well.

A romantic night is about the two of you. You can spoil them…but prepare yourself, because this is real: they want to spoil you as well. As long as you keep that in mind, there’s no way that you can do wrong. You give some, you get some.

We’ll let you figure the rest out. Good luck and remember — having good financial hygiene IS romantic in of itself!

When to Save for Retirement and How to do it

Retirement is something that some people plan very carefully. They consider when they want to retire, how much money they think they will need and sort out a selection of pensions and investments to keep them going. However, there are some people who have no plans and just do not think they can afford to make any provision for their retirement.

In retirement, a pensioner will get a certain amount of help from the government. They are entitled to a state pension if they have paid in to it while they worked. They may also be able to get income support and other financial help, if they have a low income or are struggling financially, but these may only apply if they do not own their own house or are in council accommodation.

This means that if you want to stay in your own home, then it is unlikely that you will get very much financial help. It also seems that the government are cuttings pending and with the debt the country is in, that seems likely to continue. This could mean that benefits and possible pensions could be cut in the future, so it may be wise to assume that they will not exist. This can be scary but it is realistic.

Save for RetirementIt is best to start saving for your retirement as soon as you possibly can. A company pension is still often a good option, especially if they are paying in to it as well as you. However, some are better than others and you need to check the details. What will happen to the pension if the company goes out of business? What will happen if you leave, can you transfer it? At what age will it pay out? Are there any costs involved?

There are people who do not have the option of a company pension, perhaps if they self employed or not working. This can make things trickier. There are private pension schemes, but these tend to not be as good as company pension schemes. There are many other types of savings and investments to choose from as well. Ideally you want something that will give you a passive income during retirement. This could be a property that you rent out, an investment that pays out interest or something like this. It is important to consider the risk of the product that you choose because if it does not pay out for a month or longer, you will have to manage without that income and you need to consider how you will do that.

Fight Back Against The Rising Cost Of Living

Nowadays, everyone’s searching for the best ways to save money. Although it may be difficult, there are ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your purchases. So, here are a few quick and easy ways to get saving!

Don’t Get Caught Out By Rail Fares

Rail fares are set to go up by around 8% from the beginning of next year. For commuters, this will be a big blow as many customers feel that they are already paying too much for their tickets.

However, to try and save some of your cash when it comes to travel costs, one of the best ways is to try and get your train tickets in advance. Always look out for ‘cheaper fare’ finders, where you could get deals for signing up in advance or taking different trains. Do be careful though as many websites can charge you to pay for your cards online, so always factor this into the total cost.

Take Advantage Of The Petrol Price Turmoil

You may have noticed, but recently there has been a decrease in the price of petrol. This is mainly down to oil prices going down, but this is yet to affect all petrol stations.

Many larger shops have starting slashing prices, but one of the best ways to find out, is to do a quick search online see where the cheapest fuel is in your area.

Get Ready To Switch Your Energy

Many energy companies are starting to hike their prices. If yours is affected by this, then it might be worth informing them that you want to switch before they come into play as you would not have to pay any exit fees. This is the best time to switch providers if you can find a better deal,

Doing some research online could help you to find the right energy provider for your circumstances, so if you want to save yourself some cash, it might be worth acting quickly and don’t miss your window to switch.

Make The Most Of Summer Offers

The summer holidays are in full swing, meaning that many mums and dads are searching for great ways to keep the kids occupied. Well, one of the best ways to save is to keep an eye out for great discount codes, offers and vouchers, which could really help if you’re looking to find fun things to do, without breaking the bank.